Routines - Manny Lopez of Bear Cub Leather

Routines is our new blog post series where artists, makers and creatives layout their daily routines. We love working with different creatives because we get to learn more about their practice and business - so we decided to create this blog series to share it with all of you!

If you live in Houston and you haven’t met Manny and Sophia of Bear Cub Leather - you’re truly missing out. Not only is their craftsmanship amazing, they are super friendly and involved in the Houston maker community. Bear Cub Leather makes a variety of different leather goods including bags, wallets, accessories and more. If you see them out at a Houston market (they do almost ALL of them!), you’ll likely run into the whole crew - Manny, Sophia and their little bear cub.

Today, Manny is walking us through his daily routines - he works out of his studio space at home!

7:30AM - Getting the day started by brewing my favorite coffee from Nicaragua in our French press. Typically cooking an easy breakfast of bacon and eggs. During breakfast I’m replying to emails and planning daily tasks.

8:30 - 9:15AM - If it’s a Monday or a day after a show, I spend time reorganizing our inventory to see what items need to be restocked. Any other day, I pick up my work area and pull orders or start working on pending orders.

9:15 - 11:45A - This is the time during the day that I cut all items that need to be made for pending orders or shows. It can vary from wallets, totes or custom items. Life is easier because of the amazing templates y’all cut for us!

Laser cut leather template for cutting leather totes or bags by Bear Cub Leather

11:45 - 12:30P - Once all items are cut, I begin preparing product by marking stitch lines for punching and stamping our logo. I glue up interior pieces before punching if I’m making wallets.

12:30 - 1:15P - I usually take a lunch break. I catch up on shows…my current show is Game of Thrones.

1:15P - 2:45P - After lunch I start taking all prepared pieces and begin punching and attaching hardware - straps on totes, buttons on valets, etc. The great thing about manual punching is that it allows you to release stress. I punch my products on top of a reclaimed tree turn with a poly board.

2:45 -5:00P - If all products have been punched, I begin stitching. I really enjoy this process, it allows me to slow down and really zone in on what I’m doing…almost therapeutic, being able to focus on the task at hand and get it done.

5:00P - 8:00P I pick up my son. I doesn’t mark the end of my work day, but it’s a time to get away and take a break. I send time with my son and then have dinner once my wife gets home.

8:00P - Once dinner, play time and talking with my wife about our work days is done, I begin preparing any products that are ready to ship for shipping, so I can ship them the next day!

We really love working with Manny and Sophia and have made a couple of laser cut pieces for them including acrylic templates for a few of their pieces and a custom sign!

Custom Laser Cut Wood Sign with Natural Plywood and Stained Black Plywood for Bear Cub Leather in Houston, TX

You can shop Bear Cub Leather Goods here -

Or follow them on Instagram to learn more about their process - @bearcubleather