Routines - Lesly Chairez of Treats & Co

We love working with Lesly of Treats & Co! She is always up to something fun and is all about the details. She really does it all - custom cakes, desserts, custom backdrops/setups, balloon decor, centerpieces, goodie bags, table/chair rentals, and linen rentals! In today’s blog post, Lesly is going to walk us through her normal day.

Lesly of Treats and Co Cake with Gold Acrylic Cake Topper and Mirrored Backdrop 15

4:00 - 5:00A- My day usually starts by waking up and preparing my husbands lunch for work. I take advantage of this time to make myself my first cup of coffee of the day. 

5 - 6:30A - On Mondays, while my kids are still in bed, I like to use this time to sit down and plan how my week is going to look. Whether it’s doctor appointments or client appointments. I then respond to any inquiries I may have received over the weekend. On other days, I start pulling out all materials/colors I will be using for my orders that weekend. 

6:30 - 10A - If I’m lucky enough when my kids are still asleep, I start baking all my cookies or cakes I have for the weekend. If they are awake at this time, I start on our usual breakfast first, scrambled eggs with ham with a side of grapes, then continue on my baking while they enjoy the television. 

10A - 1P - This is the time I use to go out and run errands, pick up ingredients/supplies for the week, or even go to the gym if it’s a slow week. We usually catch lunch on the road if it’s a busy day, Chick-fil-a is our go to! My kids are still little, so I have to tag them along to every journey. (Can’t wait for them to start school in the fall!) 

1 - 3P - Usually by this time my kids are taking their daily nap. It allows me to start my fondant prep work for my orders that weekend. Thank goodness for silicone molds and cutters, it definitely helps a lot. This process is usually a slow process, besides getting finger cramps every once in a while, I’d call it kind of relaxing. I enjoy prep work while watching my favorite series, Criminal Minds or Friends. 

3 - 5:30P - Once my kids wake up, I start on dinner. I try to always make a home cooked meal for dinner, it’s on my 2019 goal list. But on my busier days, Thursday-Saturday’s, it’s usually just take out.

5:30 - 8:30P - On my slow weeks, dinner usually marks the end of my day, I clean up and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my family. But on busier weeks, I clean up after dinner and continue working on fondant prep work or baking if it didn’t get finished in the morning. 

8:30 - 9:30P- By this time I put a pause on my work, clean up and prepare everything for the next day. I go and read my kids a bedtime story, and off we are to bed to rest up for next day’s adventure.