Material Spotlight - Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is a great, inexpensive material for laser cutting. It’s light in color and pretty durable. We stock 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2” thick birch plywood.

The edge of laser cut birch plywood turns brown after cutting. We put a protective mask on the front side of the birch plywood to protect the surface while cutting and on the backside of the piece if necessary. If there are any burned marks on the surface after cutting, they can be gently sanded off.

Birch plywood can be engraved (it engraves a dark brown) and can be stained/dyed as well. It’s also a good option if you plan on painting your laser cut pieces a different color. We did a blog post a couple months back about DYEING BIRCH PLYWOOD.

Birch plywood is a great material for cutting backdrops, as it’s inexpensive and looks great!