Material Spotlight - Mat Board

Mat board is quickly becoming one of our favorite materials to work with! Mat board is comparable to an extra thick cardstock - it’s typically about 055” thick.

Mat board can be both engraved and cut. It typically engraves to be a light brown. When we cut/etch mat board, we cover the surface in a protective masking to help keep the surface clean. Mat board has color on one side and is white on the other side (normally with some sort of branding/text/grid.. Sometimes, mat board has a slight texture/tooth, but can also be smooth. Typically, mat board comes in 32” x 40” sheets.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 10.40.39 AM.png

It’s a great material for temporary pieces - such as event props, packaging and one time use signage. It comes in a variety of colors and cuts cleanly! Above you’ll see packaging that we created for Mik Mont Creations with engraved mat board and below you’ll see stage props that we created for a local church.