Acrylic is a great option for scoring, engraving and cutting. There are many acrylic options - including opaque, transparent, mirrored, frosted, marbled/textured, and more.

Acrylic often engraves to be a slightly lighter color of the surface of the material, for example, royal blue acrylic will engrave to be light blue, red acrylic will engrave to be light pink/white. Clear acrylic engraves to be white.

Mirrored acrylic has a matte grey backing - when we engrave mirrored acrylic we engrave the backside

We stock the following acrylic:


  • 1/8” clear acrylic

  • 1/4” clear acrylic

  • 1/2” clear acrylic

  • 1/8” frosted clear acrylic


  • 1/8” white acrylic

  • 1/8” black acrylic

  • 1/4” white acrylic

  • 1/4” black acrylic


  • 1/8” silver mirror

  • 1/8” gold mirror

  • 1/8” rose gold mirror

We also stock various colors - please contact us here if you have questions about what color acrylic we currently have in stock!

We can also special order a variety of different colors for your project! For special orders, we typically have to order a full 4’x8’ sheet of material. Sometimes special order acrylic might take a while to arrive to our shop, which could extend job turnaround time. If you accept an estimate, we will give you an accurate turnaround time along with your invoice!